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Our Achievements

Juey has peformed in front of crowds as big as 4,000 people. Juey and Malki have a new song called "Check For Me" that was recognized by the rapper Mistah F.A.B. They now have a video with him for the song, featured on Worldstarhiphop. Malki was recently recognized for his song "Feelin Like Mac Dre" by Mac Wanda (Mac Dre's Mom). She had him do a surprise performance at the Mac Dre Art Show in 2016. Snoop Dogg also posted the song on his soundcloud. In 2011 Malki performed in front of MC Hammer & Goapele and got a standing ovation from both legends ( Juey & Malki were featured on Worldstarhiphop with the music video "Love My Style" in early 2016. Malki owns a beat selling business & recording studio business. Juey owns a music video company. Both have clothing lines in the works separately and together!

How we Formed

We grew up together in Berkeley, CA in the same / similar neighborhood. We have known each other since middle school. Back then we used to skateboard together with friends. We re united at a music recording program in college. Juey was just leaving, and Malki was just coming in. We bumped into each other one day, and from that day it's been on!

Our Future

B Town (BMG) Music Group starts with Juey and Malki, but we will expand beyond that. In the future we will have a roster of artists, from our hometown and beyond. Soon we will be changing the name of the company to a more universal brand, something that everyone can relate to. But the foundation will always be B Town Music. We are looking for artists who push the boundaries of music and sound. Started out of Berkeley, CA we will take BMG worldwide. Not just in music, but also in other ventures. Stay tuned!

UpcomingEventsto look forward to

All AboutThe ArtistsWe Represent

Malki Means King

Formed in 2005

18 Albums

Whats the Story? Malki Means King (Samuel Malki) is an American hip hop artist and musician. Born January 28, 1986 in Oakland, CA and raised in the Bay Area, he grew up in Berkeley, CA. Malki is half Middle Eastern (Lebanon / Jordan) and European (Italy / Wales). Malki Means “King” in Arabic, and he uses this as his rap name. Malki started recording music in 2005. He discovered some friends…

Juey Starberry

Formed in 2005

8 Albums

Biography Juey Starberry (Julius Leonard) is an African American R&B singer and musician. He was born August 12, 1987 and raised in Berkeley, CA. His name comes from a generation of singers. Juey has been his nickname over the years. A local creek named Strawberry Creek, in Berkeley, CA, influenced using the name "Starberry" to remind him of his home. The "star" comes from his faith in God, and the "berry" is to represent the fruits of his labor.…
"Feeling Like Mac Dre!"
Mac Wanda (Mac Dre's Mom) (

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Check For Me (Music Video)

It’s All Good (Music Video)

Juey Starberry & Malki Means King – Love My Style (Music Video) *Worldstarhiphop*

Malki Means King – Only 1 King (Mixtape) Available Now!

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"Standing Ovation!"
MC Hammer (

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