Juey Starberry (Julius Leonard) is an African American R&B singer and musician. He was born August 12, 1987 and raised in Berkeley, CA. His name comes from a generation of singers. Juey has been his nickname over the years. A local creek named Strawberry Creek, in Berkeley, CA, influenced using the name “Starberry” to remind him of his home. The “star” comes from his faith in God, and the “berry” is to represent the fruits of his labor.

Juey started singing at his dad’s church at an early age. After a conversation with his dad about responsibilities, he realized he needed to be a role model for family, and those around him. This inspired him to realize his talent and begin his journey in music. His first major show was at the 2005 Berkeley High School graduation in front of 4,000+ people. That’s when he knew he had the confidence to make music into a career.

He has a unique ability to sing high notes, and put his own style on any song. He is able to transform into a different person, when he is recording or performing. He writes his own lyrics, and has been since 2005, when he made the song for graduation. He has been developing his original style over the years, he also makes his own compositions and beats from his home studio.

He has started his own video production company “Starberry Films”, and successfully has been in business since 2010. He started 2 clothing lines: “No Cattin Clothing” and “Starberry Clothing”. He has put out 8 albums and mixtapes available at

“Being an artist is my way of expressing my views on the world, and my personal life. My slogan is ‘treat others how you want to be treated’. God has put me through struggles to appreciate what I have in life. By receiving this knowledge, I have gotten closer to my ultimate goal: perform all over the world and touch lives. It’s Juey Starberry, you know who it is!” – Juey Starberry

Featured Track

“I’m Just Sayin” – Juey Starberry (Ft Malki Means King)